Details About Farm Mortgages

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Farm mortgages help a lot of people grow their farm business. People can use loan to finance the purchase of buildings and land, o restructure farm loans, as well as construction of farm buildings.


The main benefits of farm mortgages are:

  • flexibility as you can choose a variable or a fixed interest rate
  • you can prepay any amount of money at any time on your variable rate
  • you can prepay up to 10% of the original principal amount of your fixed rate
  • interest is calculated semi-annually, not in advance on the fixed rate option
  • allow you to finance major capital purchases for up to a 20 year period
  • you and your family are protected from financial hardship in case something happens to you
  • you are provided with flexible repayment terms to match your farm business’s cash flow

Many people make many mistakes because they’re not informed. Thus, it’s very important to talk to a mortgage broker in advance to make sure you’re getting the right mortgage for agricultural land.


Nonetheless, agricultural land mortgage is not only for purchasing farms, but also for rural properties, such as nurseries, gardens, pastures and ranches. Mortgages for agricultural land can be used for any type of improvement related to rural land.


Rates vary depending on market conditions, the type of mortgage, market rates, as well as on the equity value of the property and on the principal amount. Additionally, they are similar to residential rates. Keep in mind to talk to your mortgage broker about agricultural mortgage refinancing to find out which rate is best for you. You should establish all the details before making a final decision. If not, you may have problems.

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The Farm Credit System

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If you want to purchase a farm, a farm building or a farming enterprise and you are looking for a way of financing that, then you could probably benefit from a farm mortgage. This is why you should know something about the Farm Credit System (FCS). The Farm Credit System is a federally chartered network of borrower-owned lending institutions and specialized service organizations that provides loans, leases and related services to farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, rural homeowners, timber harvesters, aquatic producers, and agricultural and rural utility cooperatives in the United States.


The FCS is federally overseen by the Farm Credit Administration in order to provide for the safety and soundness of its institutions. The history of the FCS goes back to 1916, when it was established by Congress as a government sponsored enterprise after the Federal Farm Loan Act was enacted in 1926. Since then, the FCS has developed hugely and now it has:

  • over $230 billion assets
  • nearly 500,000 member-borrowers
  • more than 12,000 employees
  • coverage in every county in all 50 states, plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico

The Farm Credit mission is to provide a reliable source of credit for American agriculture by making loans to qualified borrowers and competitive rates and providing insurance and related services. Besides making appropriately structured loans, the FCS also provides financial services and advice to borrowers needing such help. Not only does the FCS serve rural America, but it also makes loans for the purchase of rural homes, to finance rural communication, energy and water infrastructures, to support agricultural exports, and to finance other eligible entities.

There are three types of FCS lending entities that borrowers can work with:

  • Interbank lending entities
  • Agricultural lending entities
  • Funding entities

I. Interbank lending entities

There are two types of interbank lending entities: Farm Credit Banks and Agricultural Credit Banks.

1.  Farm Credit Banks provide loan funds to 80 Agricultural Credit Associations that in turn provide short, intermediate, or long term loans. These banks also provide loan funds to 9 Federal Land Banl Associations that in turn provide long term loans. The Farm Credit Banks existing today are:

  • AgFirst
  • AgriBank
  • Farm Credit Bank of Texas
  • CoBank

2.  Agricultural Credit Banks provide loans to 4 Agricultural Credit Associations, as well as to agricultural, aquatic, and public utility cooperatives. Currently, there is only one Agricultural Credit Bank: CoBank, which has the authority of a Federal Credit Bank.

II. Agricultural lending entities

There are two types of agricultural lending entities: Agricultural Credit Associations and the Federal Land Credit Associations.

  1. Agricultural Credit Associations obtain funds from a Farm Credit Bank or an Agricultural Credit Bank in order to provide short, intermediate and long term credit to farmers, producers and harvesters of aquatic products, ranchers, rural residents for housing, and farm-related businesses.
  2. Federal Land Credit Associations obtain funds from a Farm Credit Bank or an Agricultural Credit Bank to make and service long-term mortgage loans to farmers, ranchers, and to rural residents for housing.

III. Funding entities

There are three funding entities: the Funding Corporation, Farmer Mac, and Four Points Federal Credit Union.

  1. The Funding Corporation (Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation) markets the securities that the banks sell in the nation’s capital markets to raise loan funds.
  2. The Farmer Mac (Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation) is an enterprise sponsored by the government that provides a secondary market in agricultural loans such as mortgages for agricultural real estate and rural housing.
  3. Four Points Federal Credit Union provides credit union membership to employees and retirees of the Farm Credit System, as well as to their relatives. This funding entity is sponsored by the National Credit Union Administration.

Ever since its establishment, the Farm Credit System has supported agriculture and rural communities in the United States and has significantly contributed to the development of this industry. If you are interested in farm mortgages and loans, do not hesitate in asking for FCS help.

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Farm Mortgages are For all Purposes

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If you are considering the purchase of a new property in the countryside or looking to refinance your current farm, you can rest assured as there are many companies that offer some of the best deals on farm mortgages. Unlike some traditional lending institutions, some loan products and farm mortgages programs are strictly agricultural. Before signing the policy, you need to do prior research to find the best deals in farm mortgages. There are many companies that offer quality agricultural real estate loans and related services to farmers and ranchers all across the United States.

Farm mortgages are part of agricultural mortgages. They have been created in order to help farmers and ranchers in order to save their small businesses or to improve some aspects of your farm, such as rebuilding or extending the farm.  A common misconception the first time farm mortgages buyers often make is borrowing a residential mortgage on rural property. This simple mistake can cost thousands of dollars. This is why in order to choose the best offer of farm mortgages, it is important to talk to a broker to make sure you are getting the right mortgage package for agricultural land.

Farm mortgages are used not only for purchasing farms, but can also be applied to rural properties, such as gardens, nurseries, ranches, and pastures. Farm mortgages can be used for any type of improvement related to rural land. Even if the client is not looking into purchasing a farm in the conventional sense, he should seek the advice of a broker to find out if the property can benefit from lower farm mortgages.

Depending on the market conditions, the market rates, the type of mortgages, the amount of money and the equity value, the client can benefit from some of the best offers of farm mortgages. One aspect that is guaranteed by most of the companies that offer farm mortgages, is the stability of the interest rate during the mortgage term. Farm mortgages refinancing can stop the client from spending excessive amounts of money.

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Things to Know about Farm Mortgages

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Making different payments to cover all your expenses can be really tough when you are not in your best financial situation. Luckily, nowadays many lenders offer the possibility to take money on mortgage, no matter your reasons in needing that certain sum. A very important aspect when it comes to mortgage loans is that they can be more affordable when you know how to choose the best ones for your particular case. For example, if you have a home business or your simply work in agriculture, you have to opt for farm mortgages and you are definitely going to make a great decision.

Well, if you have never heard about farm mortgages, you have reached the right place to get informed. Farm mortgages are included in the category of agricultural mortgages and they are created to help farmers with the purpose to save their small business or simply invest in them. Farm mortgages can be used with many purposes, including purchasing a farm, rebuilding one or making various improvements to the farm already owned. A extension to the property can also be funded with the use of farm mortgages. Farming activity and the results or profits obtained by it have been quite reduced in the most recent years, due to the effects of the economical crisis. Since the financial and cost pressure have determined serious negative effects, many farmers needed to find deals on farm mortgages, to be able to cover their costs.

So, having under consideration the general context, there is no wonder that farm mortgages have become so popular. Farm mortgages can also be an option when you want to consolidate an existing loan and get a lower interest rate. So, like all type of mortgage loans, farm mortgages suppose some costs and the most important thing you need to be careful at is linked to the interest rates level and the general costs supposed by the farm mortgage loan. Farm mortgages can easily be used to develop a business, but they are only going to offer you advantages when you can benefit out of the best rates and the lowest payments.

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Farm Mortgage Information

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Dealing with a farm mortgage can be different than dealing with a standard residential mortgage. As a result, if you are trying to obtain a farm mortgage, your best option is to work with a company that specializes in this type of mortgage. When you work with a company like American Farm Mortgage, you can be confident that they understand your specific situation and needs. Because they have been in business for over twenty years, they have extensive experience working with individuals just like you.

In addition to their knowledge about agricultural, another advantage of working with this kind of company is the fact that they offer very flexible terms for their farm mortgages. When you know that you can work with them to figure out terms that work for you and your current financial situation, you will feel very good about this entire process. Not only will they work with you on figuring out the right terms, but they also offer multiple financial products. The reason this is important is because it can allow you to get what you need out of a mortgage. For example, you may be interested in a farm mortgage because you want to use it to put all of your debt in one place. With American Farm Mortgage, you will be able to accomplish this goal.

Another reason that you won’t regret working with this kind of company is because they can offer the amount of money that you need. If you’re in need of a small mortgage, they can handle mortgages in the neighborhood of $100,000. However, if you have a much larger need, they can just as easily go to $500,000 and above.

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Farm Mortgage Loans

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For many people, the American dream includes starting their own business, owning their own home and leading a happy, productive life while being able to not have to worry about how they’re going to get by the next day. In many cases, working in an office or a retail front will be all that is needed to ensure the financial independence that is desired. However, there are many people that dream of reliving the frontier days and owning a farm or a ranch.

In order to do this there will need to be a substantial investment so that the purchase of the property can be made. This is normally the hardest part of farming or ranching, even on a small scale as the property itself will usually cost more than $100,000 and then the buildings that need to be erected or that are already in place will cost more. The larger the total size of the property and the house, the more the cost will be. If the cost is lower than normal for the area, then the house will likely need to be updated.

Farm mortgages offer substantial loans to those people who are willing to put in the effort of operating a farm or ranch in order to provide food to the general population. These loans are offered to normal people, but are generally for a much greater amount of money than the average mortgage. Several of these finance companies will have special restrictions (i.e. no bad credit, no loans under a certain amount, etc.), but for the budding farmer these loans will allow the financial freedom to begin the life that they want.

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How Reverse Farm Mortgages Can Help You Save Your Family Business

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It’s no secret that paying farm mortgages can be tough at various times throughout the year. It can be difficult to run your farm and keep it in the black. In fact, an assessment of your farms expenses could reveal it’s costing you an arm and a leg to make sure your farm is running in tip top shape and turn a profit at the same time. If your family has been the main staple in your family, and passed down from generation to generation, it may be too painful for you to consider selling it, regardless of the profit potential.

Nowadays, many farmers are seeking out reverse farm mortgages to help alleviate financial burden. In order to qualify you have to be 62 years old or older and be the owner of the farm. This is a low-interest loan where the equity built up in your home can be used as collateral. The total amount of the loan is a certain percentage of your farm’s economic value. You will not be required to pay the loan back until you have permanently vacated your farm or you pass away. After that, your estate will be given a full year to clear the reaming balance.

A reverse farm mortgage gives you the immediate cash you need minus the anxiety over losing your farmland. You have a choice between receiving one lump sum payment, monthly installments, or through a combination of both. There are no restrictions as to they way you can spend your loan, making it completely hassle free.

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What are Farm Mortgages?

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Many people may wonder what farm mortgages are because this is something that people will rarely hear about, if at all. They are just like any other home loan, except they are intended for use by farmers so that they can get a loan for their farm. This allows a person many different options that can be arranged with the lender who is offering to extend the loan to the potential borrower. Sometimes, when a person owns a farm they may have trouble keeping up with the payments that are required for them to stay current on their first loan. It is around this time that most people will look toward other ways of paying off the balance that is owed on their mortgage. Farm mortgages provide people with a way to refinance their loan. The upside to this approach consists of many benefits that the farmer can surely appreciate once the original loan is paid. These benefits can include getting rates lower than you ever thought was possible for you to qualify for. This can make things easier on you and your finances, as well. This type of mortgage is only one of the few options that a person who owns farm property can consider. You may also be able to switch lenders and get a better lender who will be able to offer you different terms, fees and plans that you can choose from. A great source for information on this type of home loan can be found at, where you can find a great mortgage option you’ll want to consider.

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Getting a Farm Mortgage

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For most of my life, I had always lived in a city. When I was born, my parents took me home from the hospital, and they raised me in their home, which was located in a city. Although I moved away from this city when I turned eighteen and left home to attend college, I simply moved to another city where I attended college for four and a half years. After college, I moved once again, but just like my initial move, it was to another city where I began my career with the degree that I had obtained in college.

While I had always been a city dwelling type of person, I had always had a desire inside of me to move away from the city and out to the country. Although I didn’t dislike my job (fortunately, I did pursue a degree in college which interested me, so I wasn’t miserable with my career choice), it also wasn’t fulfilling to me. I viewed my work as a place where I went for eight hours a day, five days a week in order to allow me to have things like a home and the freedom to make choices such as eating what I really wanted to eat each night. While this wasn’t a bad situation to be in, I knew deep down inside of myself that there was a way to have more in my life. Forty hours of work a week is a lot of time to commit to not necessarily being fulfilled, so I realized that if I could fill this same amount of time with something that truly made me happy, I would be able to really bring my overall appreciation of life to a new level.

When I began telling all of my friends and family that I was planning on moving out of the city and into the country, they all thought that I was crazy. They all though that I was even more crazy when they asked me what I was planning on doing for an income and I told them that my income would come from running a farm in the country. While I received nothing but sarcastic remarks when I told others my idea, I knew this was what I needed in my life to be truly happy, so I didn’t let them stop me from going after what I wanted.

Fortunately, I had always been very diligent with my personal finances, so when I started looking for a farm mortgage, it was actually easier than I expected. This isn’t to say that it didn’t take a significant commitment of time, but I was fortunate in avoiding any major obstacles to obtaining a farm mortgage.

I officially got my farm mortgage four and a half years ago, so I have been living the life I had always wanted. When people ask me if it is everything I had always dreamed of, I don’t hesitate to tell them that my lifestyle has met all of my expectations. It’s definitely hard work running a farm, but it’s work that I find truly fulfilling, and I have been experiencing a level of happiness (and freedom) for the last four and a half years that I wouldn’t have believed existed prior to making my big move.

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